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1. Minting Process

During the Commitment Period, USDC is transferred from the user's wallet and held in a smart contract until the Commitment Period ends. Once the Commitment Period ends, the position executes, and TBYs are automatically minted into the lender's wallet.

2. Minting Prioritization & Over-Subscription

Once a borrow order is created, lenders can fill the order on a first come first serve basis. If you lend more than the borrow order cap, borrowers will have the opportunity to add more collateral and increase their borrow amount to accommodate excess lender supply. If they choose not to do so, any lent assets beyond the Capacity will be automatically refunded to the lender's wallet, so don't worry about over-supplying.

3. Interest Accrual & Redemption

Interest will automatically begin to accrue as soon as the position is executed (The Minting Date). However, interest will only be claimable at the Redemption Date.